Suzanne de Emmony - To Be Where I Have Not Been #5

Suzanne de Emmony - To Be Where I Have Not Been #5

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2017, Limited edition giclee print on paper, 26.5x26.5cm, Edition of 10

Suzanne's beautiful artworks re-create nostalgic and/or psychological narratives out of ‘found’ objects and imagery.

Through a process of appropriation, collage, assemblage and photography I explore themes that include transformation, truth, ambiguity, absence, voyeurism and acquisition.

I’m intrigued by the unseen and the intangible - the uncanny, deja vu, those fleeting Proustian ‘madeleine moments’ and how certain objects or sensations affect us

I like to play with traces of the past - materials and images that invoke a sense of nostalgia. By transforming them into a new event, the past and present are simultaneously acknowledged - the act of freezing through photography presents the ‘thing’ as untouchable and, perhaps, suggests something that hovers between actuality and intangibility.

My work has always been heavily influenced by memories of my Grandmother’s house and a period during my childhood that I lived there. My grandmother was an enthusiastic collector of ‘stuff’ - The lengthy process of clearing the house since her death has continued to impact my practice as thoughts around absence and empty spaces continue and as the detritus from her house is added to my own collection of ‘things’. 

Seen as the Platform Projects Installation 'To Be Where I Have Not Been' at The Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead 2017



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