Louise McNaught - Hidden Rainbows

Louise McNaught - Hidden Rainbows


Giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm Paper, 60x60cm Edition of 50, signed and numbered, unframed

For ‘Hidden Rainbows’, Louise employs her signature ‘bleed’ motif, with soft, thin lines of blue, black and yellow paint running down the print to produce a gentle sense of dynamism and flow. The trails have been created by a large, turquoise and red winged butterfly, who dominates the print, its striking, leopard-like pattern, in blotches of inky-black, captured by McNaught with stunning intensity.

The work of Louise McNaught takes its inspiration form the natural world: raising the status of animals and creatures to the majestic and sublime, McNaught creates bold images, using striking colour and compositional techniques.

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