Fei Alexeli - No Bad Days

Fei Alexeli - No Bad Days


Giclee print on Hahnemühle paper,  70x70cm unframed

Fei is interested in creating utopian microcosms and parallel universes.

She says 'I like to bring a touch of surrealism to everyday life and create a dialogue between fiction and reality, to make collages that manufacture their own reality. It can be considered as an escape from our own reality'.

'I am personally attracted a lot by pink. I think it’s very powerful and provocative colour. It carries a lot of conflict as well. There are all these stereotypes in modern western culture associated with pink, it seems like at some point in the 40s femininity got wrapped in pink. So pink ended it up considered a 'girly' colour. But what 'girly' even means in today's society? Anyway, I love pink and try to embrace it'.

No Bad Days is one of my latest works. Volcano explosion and neon positive signs create a surreal scenery full of contrast.

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