How To Make The Most Of Your 'Old' Artwork?


Has Your Artwork Passed It's Sell By Date?

We asked a selection of our clients if they still loved all the art in their home?  They all said they had some older artwork on their main walls that didn't fit with their 'personality' now or their current home decor.  Most were living with their outdated artworks because they didn't want to ditch them for sentimental reasons - let's face it - we have all been there! 

Not to worry - there is a solution to keep your much loved pieces of the past - and gives you room for new artwork!

Make a 'salon' style hang on one wall, either in a hall or a wall between bedrooms - anywhere you walk past every day. 

Hang all your treasured, older work all together on this one wall, either in a random hang, as above, or in a salon style grid, shown below.  Don't worry that all the frames are different or the artwork different types - trust us - they will work perfectly together! 

Et Voila! have curated your own private exhibition!

It really is a win/win situation.  You get to see your much loved works every day and have all the associated memories, but best of all, it frees up space on your walls for new artworks. You can now concentrate on replacing these artworks with new to reflect you in the present rather than in the past!  Don't feel guilty about 'relegating' these artworks from pride of place - we all evolve over time and our tastes in art do, too.