Blandine Bardeau - Petit Collage VII

Blandine Bardeau - Petit Collage VII


2017, original collage, 28x36cm, unframed

Blandine Bardeau creates brightly coloured abstract artworks focuses our attention on colour contrast and perception.

This new series is called “Petit Collage” (small collage in French). Using a lot of different textures, fabrics, magazine and paper cut-outs, this series is a spontaneous ode to the art of collage, which is such a joy to me. I start somewhere and wait for it to lead me to the next bit, until it gets resolved into a finished artwork. This series was created especially for the Affordable Art Fair 2017. These collages are reminiscent of my love for textiles, having studied fashion, and I refer to fashion and its eclectic nature also in some of the magazine cut-outs taken from fashion magazines, especially of fabrics and textures.

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