Adaxial 4 by Sousan Luqman

Adaxial 4 by Sousan Luqman

Sousan Luqman

Sousan Luqman is an artist and art educator living and working in London. Her Fine Art BA and MA were received from the University of Westminster. She also received a teaching degree from the Institute of Education (UCL).

Sousan has been exhibiting since 1999 and is the winner of the IMACA Open Submission (2000) and the winner of the Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services Commission (2000)

She started her art career by creating installations that cover an array of the socio- political issues. Recently she has made a temporary departure from such subjects and has focused her energies in creating artworks that allude to nature and growth.

The ‘Morphology’ series of paintings are inspired by nature’s infinite ability to adapt, change and recreate itself. The use of Indian ink is deliberate: The ink is organic and flows freely across the canvas with no constraints or pre-designed patterns to follow. Sousan allows the creative process to take its course as nature does. ‘It’s liberating and exciting to see each piece take on a life of its own’.