Selina Cassidy - Star and Stripes

Selina Cassidy - Star and Stripes


2018, Original painting, Acrylic on Fabriano Artistico, 34x24cm, framed. (there are no prints of this original painting)

A fine silky topcoat is cocooned by imagery of the colonial American Dream. From humble beginnings to incredible horsepower, under the guidance of one star, carrying a flag of many.

 Selina Cassidy is a British Artist and Masters graduate of Central St Martins. Her paintings are held in private collections internationally including that of world famous band ‘Kings Of Leon’.

Selina’s work is inspired by familiar objects and interiors which subtly suggest a human presence. A world where inanimate objects have a nascent life and animals anthropomorphise. Her canine centred collection, Chien Couture, draws from the world of haute couture, opulent interiors and time living on the French Riviera.

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