Sam Peacock - Tithe Barn

Sam Peacock - Tithe Barn


2018 Oil, coffee, paraffin wax and steel, 125x100cm, ready to hang

Work inspired by the Saxon shoreline that exists through parts of the South Coast.

Sam Peacock uses a mix of recycled metals and industrial paints to create landscape pieces. “I gorge on the speed and power of mark making, the rawness and the ferocity of paint; how brush marks shift, scrape and overlap to build up structures and forms which compel me to paint, I look incisively for the conversation within the form to build this up on the canvas as the work evolves”.

His works concern themselves primarily with the conversation between the organic and the industrial although an absence of structure is prevalent. Each piece from the series echoes back to a time before neglect and decay appeared. The main influence comes from travel, essentially from around Australasia, where an immense build up of Iron ore is exposed from mining to extreme elements such as rain and fire, hence the process used. The ideas are also absorbed from forgotten places on our own shores where natural elements collide with the built environment.

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