Mark Beattie - Orb Ref M152

Mark Beattie - Orb Ref M152


2015, Painted copper, 22x22x22cm

'This Orb was created as part of a body of work which was shown for the first time in April 2015. Orb (Ref. M152) was made by creating an outer shell and then letting a thinner springy wire expand within the sculpture. This is one of the first times I have added colour to one of my spheres; I love the contrast between fluorescent orange and the black.'

Mark Beattie's work is inspired by his travels; he draws on the experiences of different countries and cultures and a feeling of displacement and separation that comes with travelling. Working with various metals in all their contrasting properties of texture and finish, Mark enjoys the challenge of making the industrious material appear fluid, malleable and delicate. 

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