Louise McNaught - Symbiotic

Louise McNaught - Symbiotic


Giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm Paper, 60x60cm Edition of 25, signed and numbered, unframed

‘Symbiotic’ depicts the elegant faces of two zebras as they face one another in perfect symmetry, surrounded by exotic, blue birds. Against a mustard-yellow background, thin lines of monochrome paint drip vertically down the print, gesturing towards the endangered plight of the beautiful beasts, as their striped pelts gently ebb away. Profound and compelling, as well as utterly beautiful, McNaught’s combination of expert skill in figurative art and sharp sensitivity to composition are second to none..

The work of Louise McNaught takes its inspiration form the natural world: raising the status of animals and creatures to the majestic and sublime, McNaught creates bold images, using striking colour and compositional techniques.

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