Giuseppe D'Innella - View From The Top

Giuseppe D'Innella - View From The Top


Limited Edition Monoprint Screen Print 65x65cm. Edition of 6. Unframed

The views from Monteserico, an old castle on top of a hill in Puglia, are the inspiration for this work.  This is the region where I was born.  Over many years, a process of abstraction of my images has transformed the fields into a panoramic seascape. 

This print has been created with a process called monoprinting.  It is a technique of painting inks directly on the screen without the use of stencils.  Once the colours are pushed onto the paper in one go, the result is immediate, spontaneous and surprising.  The process makes the print unique, as it is practically impossible get the same  again.  Whenever I use this technique I am always amazed by the outcome.

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