Giuseppe D'Innella - Small Farm In Puglia

Giuseppe D'Innella - Small Farm In Puglia


Limited Edition Screen Print 65x65cm. Edition of 4. Unframed

The source of inspiration for this print is the wheat fields of Puglia, the region from where I come.  In summer I go there regularly to sketch the landscape with acrylics on strong paper.  These sketches are the basis of many of my paintings and prints.  I was intrigued by the blackness of fields which are burned after the harvest but I knew how difficult it could be to use large areas of black in a painting or print.  In this work I took on the challenge.

My approach to the silkscreen still sees me as a painter but now my brushstrokes translate directly onto the screen via a photographic stencilling technique.  It differs very little from the application of paint but allows for a new level of creative experimentation on paper.

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