Fraser Renton - Waltzer 3

Fraser Renton - Waltzer 3


2017 Acrylic on Aluminium finished with a Hi-gloss level polyester resin/lacquer coating, 90cm x 90cm.

Colour field plays a huge part in Fraser's experimentation and creation. Focusing on multiple colours, sharp lines, three dimensional shapes and multi layered optical illusions, he prepare his visions digitally, using colour fields and multiple layers, before transferring these creations to ‘one-off’ original pieces. Using acrylic paints on canvas, birch-ply or aluminium surfaces. Fraser needs there to be an edge to the works, whether that be using gradients, texture or subtleties in the colour.

For works that are resin coated, this extra element protects the finished pieces from moisture, heat and physical stress.

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