Helping Artists & Art Businesses Get Ahead With Digital Marketing. 

Amy Caiger - Director Caiger Contemporary Art

Amy Caiger - Director Caiger Contemporary Art

With the combination of over 8 years experience in arts marketing and being Owner & Director of Caiger Contemporary Art since 2013 Amy Caiger understands the importance of a good digital presence in the art world today.
'Having the first hand knowledge myself I can relate to how it can be different in our sector, what we need and what works best for us.'

Do you want to be able promote yourself/your business in the digital world? Do you have client names jumbled around the place and forget to email them when you have new works or exhibition coming up? Do you know where to start when it comes to giving yourself the proper, professional appearance from your website. 

Websites are so important for any businesses nowadays and people judge you on them. As our businesses are so visual, it can be even more important to be able to show how great your artworks look online. More and more people are moving to searching for artworks online so you need to be able to give as much information as possible to your visitor. 

Social media is also growing in importance for businesses, gone are the days when they are just for personal use between friends. This can be the perfect way to get you artworks seen by loads of different people. We are lucky that we already have a wealth of lovely images and content available to us through the artworks, so we must use them! 

I can put together an easy plan of products, services or one to one meet ups to suit you to give the added digital boost to your practice to help grow your conversion and drive more sales. 

The areas in which I can help are websites, social media, content marketing, email marketing, Google AdWords, CRM (client databases) and analytics.

 I can review what you are currently doing and how you can improve via our free digital check and we can go from there!