Caroline Banks - Energy Dark Ground II

Caroline Banks - Energy Dark Ground II


Acrylic, gesso, ink and copper leaf on paper 100x80x3.4cm framed

Worked up from a small study, this piece is one of three produced so far exploring the explosion of a gesture.  Initially the result of a loss of balance when painting an earlier piece due to injury, this happy accident set off a train of thought and experimentation which has yet to run its course. The gesso splashes are gilded in copper in celebration of the unexpected.  The dark ground creates a more intimate feel than some of the lighter pieces.

Caroline uses the expressive and gestural quality of brush, gesso and ink with gilding and piercing in her explorations into the fluid and fugitive nature of memory, bearing witness to the passage of time. Some pieces can appear almost archaeological, surviving fragments from an unknown past.

The Zen circle is a key element in her visual vocabulary which she returns to repeatedly. Chance is an important element of the creative, meditative process with unpredictability playing its ever-present role as in life. She works with her materials on the knife-edge of control; once a mark has been made it cannot be taken back and the interplay between materials is itself a fascination.  

Her aim is to create contemplative yet celebratory pieces, giving the viewer time for quiet reflection in today’s busy and sensorially bombarded world.

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