Artist In The Spotlight:.....Louise McNaught

Louise Mc Naught

Louise Mc Naught

We are super excited to have Louise McNaught join us.  Her signature artworks feature nature and animals, highlighting the delicate relationship between nature and ourselves and our destruction of nature.  We wanted to know more about Louise and her artwork and we are sure you do too!

Carol: Firstly, You are inspired by the relationship between nature and humans, and what we, as humans are doing to our world, how do you relate this to your work?

Louise: I try to show nature and animals in a beautiful, almost idealistic way. Often fading away in upward drips, and sometimes even on fire to show how divine and special these animals are and how some of them are nearly lost forever though mankind's destruction of nature.

Exhale by Louise McNaught

Exhale by Louise McNaught

Carol: When did you know you were going to be an artist?

Louise: Since I was very young. I think i announced it when I was 8 - to the dismay of my parents! (One being a Math Teacher and the other  Financial Advisor).

Carol: What artist inspires you?

Louise: Many artists inspire me, to be honest a lot of contemporary animal artists inspire me like Raqib Shaw and Walton Ford.

Falling For You by Louise McNaught

Falling For You by Louise McNaught

Carol: - How do you start your pieces?

Louise: I tend to use found imagery and mock it up on photoshop first to get an overall sense of the piece.

Carol: - Can you tell us a bit about your process? Why drips?

Louise: After mocking up the piece in photo shop, once satisfied I sketch it out onto canvas. The drips happen after I have done the under painting in acrylics. The drips symbolise nature disintegrating and fading away, 'upwards' towards Heaven or whatever you believe in, as nature is divine and not the one destroying the planet....

Carol: Have you always loved drawing animals?

Louise: Yes! I have always loved animals and always loved drawing and painting, and the two loves combined very early on. There are many many childhood paintings and drawings in my parents attic.

Fragmented Freedom by Louise McNaught

Fragmented Freedom by Louise McNaught

Carol: Do you paint anything else from nature

Louise: I sometimes include some fauna, though the animals are usually the focus. More recently I have also started doing insects too like Scarab Beetles.

Carol: Do you know what your pieces are going to look like from the start or do they evolve?

Louise: I do have a clear idea as my style is quite realistic, I may add some unexpected gold leaf or change the background colour - but mostly I have a good idea of how its going to look after playing with it in photo shop.

Carol: How long does it take to complete a piece?

Louise: From a day to several months depending on the size. The largest piece I received was a 7ft jellyfish on gold leaf and it took several months!

Hey There Polar Bear by Louise McNaught

Hey There Polar Bear by Louise McNaught

Carol: What is your favourite animal?

Louise: Oh don't do this to me! I fall in love with different species all the time for painting. At the moment I'm enjoying painting bees again, but - i'll just say my two cats Peaches and Whisper as they are gorgeous creatures.

Carol: How do you choose your animals?

Louise: It often depends on the projects I am working on. For the last two years it has been endangered species as I have a book coming out in August with Templar Publishing called 'Survival', and it has 20 paintings of endangered species I have depicted over the last two years. I'm very excited about it as it has been a long project1 Its being sponsored by TUSK the charity too which is wonderful.

Beautiful Beast by Louise McNaughtCarol:

Beautiful Beast by Louise McNaughtCarol:

Carol: What animals are going to be your next subjects?

Louise: I am just about to add some fine details on two Brown Hares, who are 'boxing'.


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