Get To Know: Amy Caiger - 60 Second Interview

We took a minute out of our busy day in the office to do this fun 60 Second Interview, to give you a bit of glimpse at what makes us tick!

What inspires you?
Seeing successful women owning it, it makes me think if they can, I can! 

What makes you laugh?
Quick, clever humour, when it almost goes unnoticed! 

What artist inspired you (dead or alive)?
Salvador Dalí - going to see his Museum in Figueres as a child on holiday definitely started my love of art. His work was so different to anything else and the building is a work of art in itself ! 

What would be your perfect weekend?
A lie in, then brunch. Going for a stroll and ending up having dinner and drinks in the sun somewhere with a lovely view. 

Who would you like to have dinner with – dead or alive!...Why?
My Nan, would love to have a good ol' chat and gossip again and tell her what’s been happening. 

What luxury would you take to a desert island?
A radio or some way to play music

What is your favourite food?
Mediterranean, Spanish., Vietnamese - and my Mum's Shepherd's Pie!

Favourite book remembered from childhood?
The Jolly Postman by Jane and Allan Ahlberg and The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. Hope books like these are still as popular now

What do you do to relax?
Turn my computer off, put my phone down out of grabbing distance and get cosy with a g&t or a glass of wine and watch tv. 

Tennis or Football?
Tennis - but if any sports it would be Touch Rugby or Athletics

Morning Lark or Night Owl?
Definitely a Night Owl!

Retro or Futuristic?

Cinema or Theatre?

Lift or Stairs?
Stairs - Lifts are for lazy people! 

Amy Caiger

Amy Caiger