Natalie Mills - Residency In India

Guest Post

Yesterday I had a brilliant day. I had a day out of the studio and travelled to a small city called Thodupuha to provide an arts and crafts workshop for under-privileged girls at a Care Home run completely by Nuns.

I was the first foreigner to ever go there and so obviously the girls were a little shy at first and some looked a little worried. I wanted to do a simple workshop where they could be creative, have fun and have some escape from their everyday hardship.

I chose to do a Mask-Making workshop to promote Freedom and Self-Confidence. By making and wearing the masks the girls had an opportunity to become whatever character they wanted want for a while and at the same time having fun and feeling free.

As you can see from the pictures they had loads fun. They were beautiful girls in many ways and their strength of character was inspiring. They also gave me a much needed boost after receiving such sad news recently of my Auntie passing away.

Overall we were a huge help to each other. It was a great day.