Blandine Bardeau - Pelote Royale

Blandine Bardeau - Pelote Royale


2016, Acrylic, coloured pencil, archival pen, paper cut out, acetate, watercolour, magazine cut-out, oil on paper mounted on wood, 61x61cm

“Pelote Royale” is part of a new series of works executed on paper mounted on a hard surface, in this case wood. I wanted to find a way to combine my drawing practice with my painting practice. This way of working gives me the possibility to work with beloved materials of mine such as coloured pencils, but I tend to start them very much as I would a painting: I make a mark and go from there. The way paper mounted on wood absorbs the paint is really amazing and pleasurable, and I kept on collaging with paper cut outs of drawings I wasn’t so happy with, adding to it until the work is finally ready. This one also includes magazine cut outs and oil on acetate.

Blandine Bardeau creates brightly coloured abstract artworks focuses our attention on colour contrast and perception.

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