Benjamin Thomas Taylor - With You Were Here

Benjamin Thomas Taylor - With You Were Here


2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print 60 x 80cm Edition of 25 unframed

‘Wish You Were Here’ depicts an exotic landscape, all soft sands, gently lapping seas and palm trees, stretching away in saturated shades of peach and turquoise, slate blue and mustard yellow. Over the vista is superimposed the title 'Wish You Were Here' in big block letters, gently laced with a soft, blue, 'Paint by Numbers' pattern. Bright and poppy, the painting subverts the picture postcard, both offering and withholding a tantalising space within.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor is known for his bright, Pop Art inspired landscapes. Fuelled by a sense of joy, his detailed paintings and prints open up hyperrealist spaces, crossing from reality into a parallel world of limitless possibility, full of colour and creation.

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