Benjamin Thomas Taylor - We Could Be Heroes

Benjamin Thomas Taylor - We Could Be Heroes


2018 11 Colour Screen Print 55 x 70cm Edition of 25 unframed

We Could Be Heroes’ depicts a wooded landscape with pine trees, a deer and a stag standing proud against a clear blue sky, looking into a world beyond the picture, full of hope and possibility. Over the vista, the title 'We Could Be Heroes' is superimposed in big block letters, gently laced with a soft, blue, 'Paint by Numbers' pattern. Bright and poppy, the print subverts the picture postcard, both offering and withholding a tantalising space within.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor is known for his bright, Pop Art inspired landscapes. Fuelled by a sense of joy, his detailed paintings and prints open up hyperrealist spaces, crossing from reality into a parallel world of limitless possibility, full of colour and creation.

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